Swiss Federal Office of Culture awards grant to Katja

Claudio Schott in NARCISO 1990 © Giuliana Pelli
  • 18 May 2018

Congratulations to Katja for being awarded the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Culture (BAK) for her project “The Arrival of Contemporary Dance to Ticino: the Pioneeristic Work of the Choreographer Claudio Schott’s (During 1980s to 2000s)”.

Support to research from BAK 

Originally, from Ticino (Italian speaking Switzerland) after his education at the London School of Contemporary Dance (LSCD) and several years dancing and choreographing on the UK scene (as a dancer for Movement Dance Group and the English National Opera, as a choreographer for the Image Dance Theatre) Claudio Schott returned to Ticino, and more precisely to Lugano where he funded his school in 1981 and the first contemporary dance company of the Italian speaking Switzerland, Progetto Danza, in 1983.

The project will look closely at his activity as a teacher and as a choreographer considering the influence of the LSCD’s education — mostly based on the Martha Graham tradition but not only — on his work. The project is sustained by the Accademia Dimitri. Started in 2012 until 2020, the cultural heritage dance sustained submissions that included “Revival of works, historical theme on the performing arts (periods, places, artistic personalities) in a wide variety of documentary or artistic formats”. The measure has now been extended to include the whole of the performing art.

Photo credit: Claudio Schott in NARCISO 1990. © Giuliana Pelli.