Final edit complete!

The Winter Ghost - Final Release Edit
  • 9 May 2021

After months of editing and pouring through the rushes, The Winter Ghost is here!In what amounted to a couple of months of dedicated editing, scoring and sound effects, the final cut of The Winter Ghost is finally here.

Along the way we had to say goodbye to many lovingly-shot sequences in the name of brevity and storytelling but we’re super excited with the result.

In what was a new approach, the video edit was entirely visual without any audio cues. Then bringing in Ashley (our composer and sound designer) the whole ambiance was dialled up several notches. In what amount to a fairly intense of moth zoom calls and amendments, we scrutinised pretty much every sound to wring out the most meaning and subtext we could. Now that it’s here we’re beyond thrilled.

For myself, it was an unspoken intention that the audio should do as much storytelling as the visuals and we’ve ended with so much more than that.

Can’t wait for you to see it 🙂